Costa Rica Christmas Club: Teak

Teak Tree - Before

Teak Tree Before

Today a Tico cashed in his Christmas Club… he cut down a teak tree across the road from our house and in the farmer’s fence row. He’s been harvesting the trees ever since we moved here – about this time of year.
guyintree We’ve been told that they cut down the trees to sell the lumber for Christmas money.
Dunno if that’s true or not.
But one things for certain: they are cashing in on a generation of teak growth. It takes 30 years to grow a teak tree that would be worth selling.

A guy climbed up into the tree and limbed it out, attached a rope to pull it in the direction is was to fall and in less than an hour, the tree was in the back of his pickup.

Merry Christmas.

Deja Vu! Old Post Revisited!
Lift and Separate a Different Area

I just read about a company called Not Your Daughter’s Jeans that appeals to boomer women, and business is, well, booming. The company was founded in 2003 and will do $55 million in sales.

Offering jeans that perform a function — supposedly flattening the stomach and hoisting the rear — is a smart strategy, especially in a cooling jeans market, said Marshal Cohen, chief industry analyst for NPD Group. Jeans sales slipped 2 percent last year, the first drop since 2001, he said.

The company plans a men’s line soon, because the patriarch is tired of wearing women’s jeans.

Video Games Proven to Be Beneficial for Geezers

Earlier this year, a report from The Guardian claimed that there’s a rise among what they call “Silver Gamers,” otherwise known as video game enthusiasts who encompass the entire age group known as “older people.” But while “younger people” might be playing purely for entertainment purposes, silver gamers are experiencing an additional positive side effect.

The article cited a study from the University of California—San Francisco, which found that “60-year-olds who played a custom-designed video game for 12 hours over the course of a month improved their multitasking abilities to levels better than those achieved by 20-year-olds playing the game for the first time.” Not only that, but it noted that “the subjects retained those improvements six months later.”

Now, while I can certainly see how some games would appeal to geezers let’s be honest: the games they’re talking about are not complex adventure/shooter console games. I’m pretty sure the majority of those who served and/or lived during the Vietnam and Gulf wars, among others, are not interested in reliving the experience through war-themed games.

The language in the games can be pretty rough too. I do not have the patience to deal with a bunch of kids telling me that they’ve done derogatory things to my mother over a headset. Saying those things to anyone, let alone someone over 60, isn’t clever—it’s just disgusting. At least have the decency to come up with a good “you’re mama” joke.

So what games are geezers more likely to play? According to Slate over a third of older adults claim to play some kind of digital game at least once a week, with 17% reporting that they game every day.

One of the most common types of games reported among the survey group were motion-detecting sports games, specifically Wii Bowling, of Nintendo’s Wii Sports. Although the writer at Slate said that seeing their grandmother play the game well would be “downright laughable”—and yes, they said they welcomed comments on their blatant agism—information from Research Digest said that playing group games like Wii Bowling with one another helped those surveyed stay socially engaged. Also, they were less likely to report feeling lonely or isolated.

In addition to sports, they also found that a large portion of Baby Boomers were drawn to card games. And when I say cards, I don’t just mean Gin Rummy. Table games and slots have become increasing popular among older gamers. Quartz writes that slot games have become very popular among the age group in Japan. Most of the thanks goes to the increased availability of the pinball-slot machine hybrid game Pachinko, which could make Japan the third most successful gambling market in the world.

Personally I’m not a fan of casinos, but I do enjoy being able to play casino games from the comfort of my own couch. The casino slots at Betfair are particularly convenient for this, not only because can players access them anywhere, but they’re ideal for those on a fixed income. For those who enjoy playing but don’t always want to take that risk, you have the option of a “just for fun” mode, where one can play without putting any money at stake. It’s certainly something they wouldn’t be too fond of offering us older folk at any physical casino, that’s for sure.

As much as it may seem cliche, the most popular game reportedly enjoyed by Baby Boomers are puzzle games. Games like solitaire and Bejeweled are two favorites, especially when played on tablets or handheld devices. Driving that point home was Sharp Games, who said said that their game sales account for half the market. They also claimed that “Perhaps in anticipation of the wave of boomers, the Centers for Medicare & Medicad Services recently began accepting comments on a proposal that could lead to reimbursements for some costs associated with brain games.”

Yeah, a lot of the games people our age are interested in probably sound simple to the younger crowd, but hell, at least they have the potential to help keep us sharp—something that the brat with a username like YoLoBiTCheZ9573 probably can’t claim. But then again he’s probably too busy coming up with witty ways to inform other users of the fact that he’s porking their loved ones.

Toughest Bike Race in The World Went Right Past our Door.


Today we went to purchase a new sofa.

And the World’s Toughest Bike Race the Ruta de los Conquistadores went by our house all day long.

We missed it.

But we got the new sofa.

That’s irony..

As we drove down our road this morning, it was hard not to notice the Ticas sitting with grills and coolers, ready to spend the day. We didn’t have a clue the race was today – let alone going by Sedolsoder.

The route begins in Jacó, the central Pacific beach town in the middle of Puntarenas province, and winds its way to the National Technical University in Atenas, a coffee town northwest of San José. (Most commuters don’t enjoy driving this distance, much less biking it). The race resumes in Tres Ríos, Cartago province – skipping much of the Central Valley, presumably because the congested traffic and multi-lane highways aren’t really condusive to mountain bikers – and ends in Turrialba, about 60 kilometers east of the capital. The third day’s ride is a straight shot from Turrialba to Puerto Limón, on the Caribbean coast, although you can’t really call that leg straight, exactly. The total distance is about 260 km (or 161 miles).

At 9:30 when we left, there were just a few cyclists and when we returned home at 3:30 we saw a few more. Checking with Maricela, we learned they had been passing all day long. Young and old, men and women. All with state of the art bikes and bikeware.

Nazareth, Moises and Gabrielle spent the entire day at our gate yelling “Si, se puedo” (Yes he can or If he can, not sure which, but both are accurate) to all the riders.

I enjoyed my new sofa.


October 2014 Rains Move the Earth Near Atenas


October is supposed to be the rainiest of the rainy season. Not this year at our house… I measured 17 1/2″ compared to 21 1/2″ in September.

Still it was enough to fully saturate the ground causing a landslide which blocked the Autopista del Sol, aka Route 27 – the main highway from San Jose to the Pacific beaches. Reports are that the pista will be closed because of other potential slides. That means one of the alternate routes is down our road. Luckily the word is getting out that this is not a good alternative and traffic is almost back to normal.

Now if we can only get the drivers to stop beeping at the cows in the road… equivalent of Tico road rage… all will be tranquilo!

Cows Blocking Road

No Same Day Loans In Costa Rica

Choosing A Same Day Loan In An Emergency

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When these applications go in, they are automatically checked by the system. The system will generate a response to the application, and the system will contact the applicant immediately. When the system contacts the applicant, it will ask the applicant how they prefer to get their cash.

Receiving The Cash

When people are using these same day loans, they will need to choose how to get their money. They can enter their bank information to get a direct deposit, or they can ask for a cashier’s check to be sent in the mail. In extreme cases, these applicants can go to the office of the lender to get their cash in-hand. When people are trying to get their funds on the same day, they must be ready to tell the lender how they want to get their money.

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