Atenas Costa Rica Rain Report for June 2015


It was an odd month for rain in the Atenas area in June 2015. It should have been the start of the rainy season, meaning a regular dose of rain almost on a daily basis. The month started out that way, the first week brought 4 inches of rain at Sedolsoder, Guacimo de Atenas, our housecos – and then it stopped. And it didn’t start again!

We had a few days of “pelo de gato” (hair of the cat) a very drizzly rain that didn’t accumulate. On the other hand the east coast has been slammed with record rainfalls and it continues… at the end of June in the Limon Province rains totaled over 100 inches.

Yes. 100 inches.

No thanks.


Deja Vu! Old Post Revisited!
Reading, Writing, and Rocking

I just gotta give a shout out to the best jukebox on a blog I know. I couldn’t start reading or writing until I had her tracks playing in background. Thanks Angela – keep it up, K?

My Twitter Hashtag Entry Soars to Top of Podcast



I’ve been having some fun Tweeting. One of the ways I’m entertaining myself, aside from retweeting fun stuff and opining on anything that enters my Twitter, is playing the Hashtag game. If you want to follow me, I’m GoingLike60, and my tweets are featured on the right hand column ————————–>>>>>>>>>

If you’re not a Tweeter, a hashtag is the # symbol. Added in front of a word or phrase without spaces makes the word/phrase searchable and all tweets that contain the same hashtag are viewable.

For example, a recent hashtag game I played was … one of my tweets


Which was my springboard to internet fame as part of the podcast… Aaron Says What?

Listen below to my ten seconds of internet fame on a podcast.

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I think I’ve done better, but nobody has put these on their podcast… yet

Oh well, one can only keep up hope.

The Black Hills of Costa Rica – Ten Hills in Ten Years


Knowing that you are hanging on every word regarding the improvement of the road from Atenas to our house, I have an update…

We made a trip to the free dentist clinic Thursday. Since we were a little early, our plan was to stop by and hassle our favorite eye doctor, Victoria. She was behind closed doors, so we missed her. But to our good fortune, a couple real estate agents were hanging around their office and we grilled them about news of the road improvement.

Gerardo got on the phone and called the secretary to the Mayor of Atenas to see what discussed at the meeting that I got thrown out of. He reported that since our road did not get enough traffic, they would not be asphalting the entire road. There are higher priorities in the country and limited funds.

We never really expected this to happen. But as the picture shows with a little heavy-duty grading and compacting, the road is much improved. (That was three years ago.) We would welcome even THAT improvement.

But Gerardo was told ten hills would be paved to help improve the road. We rolled our eyes in unison… and Dennis observed that the plan might be ten hills in ten years!

There are five hills that badly need work between our casa and Atenas. We are holding our breath that the Black Hills of Costa Rica are coming soon.

Earn a Living Anywhere


Earning a living gets more difficult as the years go on there’s no doubt about it – so sometimes you need to be a little bit more innovative, to make some cash without having to have a 9-5 job and that’s why we thought we would let you know all about some passive income ideas, so you can earn some cash but with minimal effort.

Selling Stuff on eBay

You know what they say, one mans rubbish is another mans treasure, so it’s definitely worth looking out some of the stuff you have and see if it’s worth selling it on eBay.  This site is fantastic for auctioning off stuff so you never know how much money you could make.  Are there some DVD’s that you no longer watch?  How about a fancy dress costume that hasn’t seen the light for a good few years?  Have a look through your wardrobes and drawers and see what could be worth selling!

Online Gambling

We can already see that you are a bit dubious about this one but online gambline can certainly make you some money!  There are some great gaming sites out there that offers free money where you could win real money prizes.  As well as being a way to earn a passive income it’s also a whole load of fun too. Click here to be taken to a site that will tell you everything you need to know about online casinos including how to bag yourself a freebie!

Paid Surveys

If you have some time on your hands, a great way to earn a few pounds is to complete some passive surveys.  You can do this by having a look online and seeing what’s out there.  You will no doubt find lots of companies looking to do some market research – and all you need to do is fill in a few forms and answer some questions to get some rewards.  It may not always be cold, hard cash that they offer – but it could be vouchers or gifts that could be just as good!


Is there something in particular that you have a great interest in? Well blog about it! Yup make sure you write articles each day and sell advertising space on your blog.  The more people visit your website, the more clicks you get and the more revenue that you will generate.  This could start turning in to regular revenue for you, and definitely something that advertisers would be interested in too.  You don’t need to have a super fancy website to post your blogs on either, these days it’s really easy to make your own if you are a bit of a technophobe.

Freelance Writing

If you don’t want to create the blog section or space by yourself – why not write for someone else?  Whether you are interested in cooking, music, bingo, restaurants or whatever else – you will always find someone looking for content written on it.  That way you can make money on your terms and in the comfort of your own home, you can’t get more convenient than that.

That’s more than enough ways to get started – are you ready to make some passive income?  You could write, sell stuff you don’t need, advertise on your own free time or even take surveys!  There should be something to suit everyone – and all without moving from your sofa.

Two Pines Strong – Dos Pinos Fuerte


Winner, Winner chicken dinner!

The local grocery store is having a special promotion on Dos Pinos brand milk.

Buy a half-gallon and get a chance to win a prize. Since we needed milk anyway, and the chica by the milk display was very persuasive, I bought a half-gallon.

But to win, I had to show my strength by hammering a striker good enough to ring the bell.


Except the one I took a shot at was four feet tall.

And it took me two tries.

I won a plastic drinking cup.

Milk and Cookies for everyone!

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