Animated Gif Monday – Dog Owns His Cone of Shame

No dummy here… this dog puts his cone of shame to good use.


Deja Vu! Old Post Revisited!
Just Retire Already. Sheesh.

There’s a study out showing that if you have the right genes, you can live to be 100 years old.

I want to see the study that identifies the genes that makes people want to work until they are 80+ years old.


I know a guy that was going to work until he was 80+. And he was making business decisions. But when you are single and 80 there isn’t much else to do, I get that.

He would show up about 9 to read the morning newspaper, check his mail, and call his broker. By then it was time for lunch. (And I suspect a nap afterwards.) Then it was back to the office to read the afternoon newspaper and take a meeting or two. About 5:00 p.m. he would wander home. For six weeks in the winter he would head to a warmer climate. For a couple weeks in the summer he would head to better fishing.

That’s called semi-retirement, I’m told.
But it’s those years from 65 or 70 to age 80 that I can’t understand why he was working AT ALL.

I got an email from a guy I knew back in the day. He said he announced his retirement two years ago, but the owners still wanted him around. His wife has breast cancer and he’s wealthy too. But he’s still showing up at work.

What is it with these people that just can’t give it up and retire?

As Catch Her In The Wry said…

She’ll probably be bored out of her mind within six months. She’s still young, fun, attractive and active. Even a part-time job doing something she loves won’t really seem like a job. Note that I didn’t say get a new career. That would be too much work.

I think that is excellent advice. Retire from your career, but take a job. Even better if it’s a volunteer gig.

But for criminey’s sake: retire! Make some room for others to move up so eventually a college graduate has a hole to worm his way in and start a career.

Road Trips in Costa Rica Can Be Similar to Route 66.


Taking a road trip in Costa Rica is like taking a road trip on Route 66 in the “good old days.”

Route 66 was the original pathway for going across the country. It was created in 1926 and decommissioned in 1985; however, it is still possible to travel the route and see many of the original Route 66 attractions. Road trips offer a way to see things never seen before and wouldn’t otherwise be seen by airplane.

To go on a road trip in Costa Rica, a vehicle needs to be running optimally. This means that spark plugs need to be good, fluids need to be checked, and tires have to have good tread. Do an oil change if it’s needed. It’s a good idea to carry extra oil and water. Click here to make sure everything is functioning correctly for a truck. It’s also a good time to make sure the vehicle has roadside assistance.

Along with making sure a vehicle has plenty of fuel and water, people need fuel and water as well. This is especially true when traveling with children. Carrying extra water, snacks and nonperishable meals can help out in the event the vehicle breaks down somewhere or a suitable place to eat can’t be found. Canned foods are always good to have around. Large gallons of water are good to keep on-hand too.

However, planning ahead can cut down on relying on packed lunches. Before leaving on a road trip, look up places to eat. Although a GPS can show where places are, checking ahead can help to read reviews. People will write what dishes they liked, which dishes had no flavor and the service received.

It’s also a good idea to check out places to sleep. Again, the Internet will provide reviews about the best places to sleep. This is good information to read up on as some hotels or motels can have bed bug problems, unclean rooms or other problems that would make accommodations less than ideal. Also, by planning out the miles traveled in a day and where to sleep, a person can make sure that they are not stuck on the road when they get tired.

Depending upon the price of gas and how far a person travels, road trips can be a relatively inexpensive form of vacation. It is definitely good in many ways: people can decide on their own time schedule; they get to see many sights that lie in between their home and their destination; and transporting souvenirs can be done easily in the trunk.