Animated Gif Monday – Cubestormer 2 Sets Record to Solve Rubik’s Cube

Via St. Todd DeCubbville.

Solved in 3.2+ seconds.


Deja Vu! Old Post Revisited!
The Mental Part of Mowing

Since my wife had her leg amputated knee scoped to remove a piece of bone, it’s rained like crazy causing the grass to grow.  I like droughts, I don’t have crops, what do I care if my grass dries up and dies?  Anyway, I really really dislike mowing the yard.  We used to live in an area that had an association that mowed the grass and trimmed the shrubs. But we moved. So now grass mowing is back on the agenda. She will mow a lot of the time, but then the guilt sits in when they see this boomer woman out mowing the grass.  I know the neighbors talk.

Anyway, why I really hate mowing is not the physical part.  Its the only exercise I get.  But I hate, really really hate the mental part of mowing.  I’m walking around the yard guiding a mower, so what is there left to do but think?

  • …I’m glad she talked me into the electric start mower
  • …dam, I guess you have to prime it ten times
  • …I need to mow the other way so the grass doesn’t clump
  • …I guess I should have picked up the sticks first
  • …it only costs $4 to get the blade sharpened
  • …but it sure is a pain to take it off
  • …I still think the mower is set too low
  • …that tree is growing good
  • …I should have put keywords with that data
  • …why dumbass, that looks like stupid fish
  • …why not dumass
  • …demitasse
  • Alexander Dumass
  • …I wish we didn’t move out of the condo
  • …no, don’t leave that little bit you missed, go back and get it
  • …I could blog about this
  • …never remember it all
  • …might
  • …I guess kids don’t mow grass anymore because there are so many adults doing it
  • …that will put a big ding in it
  • …don’t forget to do the part you always forget to do
  • …why do some guys seem to enjoy doing this
  • …will she be proud that I got the part that I always forget
  • …will she even notice
  • …should she be expected to notice
  • …do you notice when she makes the bed
  • …yeah but the condo association always mowed the yard before you wanted to move
  • …boy is she in for it when she gets home
  • …wonder why other guys like to blow the grass off their driveways
  • …hope that doesn’t loosen the mailbox
  • …dam bug flew right in my mouth
  • …never tasted it
  • I should have made a reference to Wagner’s thing that was in Apocalypse Now
  • …Die Fleedermouse (1)
  • …kill da wabbit, kill da wabbit
  • …that would have been good to add too
  • …I should have thrown that empty milk jug at that car for speeding by me
  • …should I do the backyard too?
  • …won’t take long
  • …that will be OK to meet them at the 4th concert
  • …what do you take to a band concert to eat
  • …drumsticks
  • …it’s funny how Sofi isn’t afraid of the mower and Sedona is (2)
  • …hope that turd doesn’t splatter
  • …good
  • …remember that for blog
  • …I wonder if meanteacher will be offended about the scrubs thing
  • …was that too personal
  • …guess I should have done a poop walk
  • …that will put a ding in it
  • …thirsty
  • …mower should start OK if I stop for a minute
  • …electric start is great
  • …no cold water
  • …where was it I read that the city was outlawing buying bottled water (3)
  • …tap water is OK
  • …sure is cool in here
  • …there’s that guy that Lifehacker says they play in background because his voice is so soothing (4)
  • …I miss the “mighty vite” guy
  • …started right up, good deal that electric start
  • …how cool is it that Del got a patent on his electric mower panel
  • …I wonder if he’s set for life now
  • …it’s going to be big
  • …perfect timing, perfect market
  • …wonder why turds get hard
  • …she’s home
  • …I need to get gas
  • …carry stuff in


(1) That’s not the opera. Not even spelled right.

(2) Sofi is a dog weighing four pounds, Sedona is a dog weighing 65 pounds.

(3) I sure as heck didn’t read it in the Souix City Journal.

(4) (glanced at TV while drinking water) I guess it wasn’t Lifehacker because I kinda looked and couldn’t find it. But it is true that somebody does this.

In Search of Wild Guacimo Costa Rica

The New York Times is searching for Wild Costa Rica.

They are in the southern zone.

Here is wild life we see regularly in Guacimo de Atenas, Alajuela, Costa Rica…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Traveling to Costa Rica for the First Time? Use a Travel Agent


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Two Germans and a Golden Walk Into a Bar



Bulbous is being observed in the hospital. I spent a couple days there too as a requirement of the hospital. Now it’s St. Todd DeCubbville’s turn, so I am doggy watching. The above is not photoshopped. I put Xanax in their fish oil capsules. (no.)

In the crate is Cacia. The golden to the right is Gillespie (Gil) and the 10 month old is Satchmo another german shepard. aka Dammit! Move-move-move, Devil Dog, etc etc.

I like Gil.
I like Cacia.
Someday maybe I’ll like Satchmo.

Feeding time is wild. I didn’t shut Devil Dog in the crate while he inhaled his food.
I put food in Cacia’s bowl and Bull Dog ate half because he came charging out of his crate. You know how rodeo bulls act?
Yeah, like that.
Luckily, he let me pull him by the collar and back into his crate!
In that process Satchmo put his hoof into Cacia’s water- which slopped on my foot.
Air. Blue.
Of course other two ate just fine. Fast but fine.

Amy asked how we were getting along…

All is quiet.
And good.

We will be just fine.
I’m pretty sure that’s true.

It did turn out to be true. We all survived and are now at home resting comfortably.

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