Geezers in Costa Rica Can’t Hear Either


There is a common joke floating around our group about Raw Birds… Which is code for Wrong Words.

You know, those times when the wife says something and the husband replies to something totally different because he didn’t hear? 

Like he hears Raw Birds, when she said Wrong Words.

As people age one of the main problems many face is hearing loss. The loss of one’s hearing can have a negative effect on a person’s life in many ways. It can cause difficulties at work and when socializing with friends or family. Being unable to understand and contribute to conversations can lead many people to become isolated and depressed. Because of this, it is advisable for anyone who is experiencing problems with their hearing to seek treatment.

Causes of Hearing Loss
Some people start to have hearing issues because of injury, tumors, or due to being exposed to loud noise for an extended period. It is also common for many older adults will begin to experience hearing loss due to hereditary factors.

Hearing loss can also be an issue for the elderly due to medical conditions they may be facing. These can include diseases such as diabetes, heart circulation issues, and thyroid problems. This combined with the taking of certain medications can cause a person to lose their hearing.

When you see an audiologist or other hearing professional, they will often need to get your medical history. Having this information can help them in determining the cause of your hearing loss. This can help in treatment.

Screening and Testing for Hearing Loss
As a person begins to age, it can be a good idea to undergo hearing testing on a regular basis. This can help to ensure you are hearing sufficiently. However, if a person finds they are continually asking people to repeat what they say, if they think others are always mumbling, or if they are experiencing ringing in the ear they should have their hearing tested as soon as possible.

Seeing an audiologist or other type of hearing specialist is generally the best way for a person to have their ears and hearing tested. Such a professional can use an assortment of tests to help them determine the cause and extent of the hearing loss. This information is needed to help in developing a treatment plan.

Hearing Loss Treatment
People who are experiencing any degree of hearing loss should consider having the problem treated. Even though their hearing loss may be minor, a person should treat the condition as quickly as possible. By doing this, they can often learn techniques to help in training their brain to hear more clearly. This will help in improving their quality of life.

One of the most popular ways to treat hearing loss is by using hearing aid devices, like Miracle Ear. Today’s hearing aids are digital and use highly sophisticated technology. They use algorithms to amplify certain tones and sounds. Since they are programmable, these devices can be custom designed to help a person deal with their unique hearing issues. This can help a person clear more clearly.

Hearing loss is not an easy impairment to overcome. It can affect a person’s life and interactions with others in many ways. While the condition may simply be due aging or hereditary issues, a person should still seek out treatment for the condition. This can help them to improve their ability to hear now and in the future as well. For more information, please follow Miracle Ear on Facebook.

Deja Vu! Old Post Revisited!
Geeky Animated Gif Monday – Cop’s Behind Ya

I miss the days when I was a shade tree mechanic.


I found myself at the doctor’s office today getting scrips for some standard refills. The doctor was with another patient, but rather than sit in the reception area waiting, Jorge, Dra. Candy’s husband, asked me to follow him to his garage.

Inside sat one of the ambulances that was getting an engine rebuild by Jorge’s friends. (Note in the background that one of the mechanics is a female!)

After chatting about what had been done and what needed to be done to the engine, Jorge asked me “how do you know so much about motors?”

Because I’m old, was my reply. I remember when cars were simple and easier to fix.

My brother had a car with an engine that had seven moving parts. It was a three cylinder two-stroke engine. That meant the only moving parts were the crankshaft, three connecting rods, and three pistons.

Seven parts.
It was a DKW… four speed on the column and front wheel drive, two door coupe hardtop.
Cool car… would lay rubber easily.

My first car, on the other hand was a very unsexy 1949 Studebaker Land Cruiser. The Studey (stoo-dee) that my grandfather gave to me rather than trade it in. (I think he bought a Nash Rambler!)

I didn’t have a driver’s license, so I drove around in a circle in a field behind the house. Of course, I ripped off the air cleaner so that one-barrel carb would make a better sound when I floored it. And the muffler came off quickly to for a “better sound.”

Among later cars I owned were – in no particular order:

  • 1939 Pontiac Coupe (never ran)
  • 1934 Plymouth Coupe (ran occasionally)
  • 1968 Oldsmobile Convertible (ran into a tree)

I miss being a shade tree mechanic.

Costa Rican American Beauty

One of the most memorable movies posters ever was for American Beauty starring Kevin Spacey and this chick…


I spent the day cleaning bracts – they are not flowers, says my blog buddy, Susan out of the pool On a Bougainvillea, the flowers are tiny. The part around the flower is a “bract.” With the high winds it’s a lost cause to try to keep the pool bract-free… but what else do I have to do?

My version of American Beauty – Costa Rica style.


And then there’s this guy…

We Know Who We Want to Be When We Grow Up

Nancy and I have decided we know who we want to be when we grow up.



Nancy has decided she wants to be Victoria… our eye doctor. This is quite a change for Nancy because she has said in the past she wanted to come back to earth as a tall blonde. Dra. Victoria isn’t a tall blonde. She’s a tiny tica! But her brilliant smile and friendly wave everytime she sees us (or a customary kiss on the cheek) is every endearing. Plus she loves to shop and travel and talk … right up Nancy’s alley.







I want to be Jeremy. I became acquainted with him via his website. (A fun place to visit!) He’s a world wide traveler and lecturer, helping some of the world’s biggest brands be more successful. I met Jeremy face-to-face for the first time on Monday when we attended his marriage to Shelby. Jeremy and Shelby chose Costa Verde Costa Rica for their wedding because they wanted extreme adventures. They are doing it all: whitewater, ziplining, catamaran, 4×4, horseback riding, and partying.