I’ll Always be a Yankee

It’s hopeless. To the people that live in the south, I’ll always be a Yankee, so it really makes little difference if I my family reinforces the stereotypes about southerners.

My wife was in the car and glanced over to the car beside her.

The driver had taken out his dentures and was licking them.

She told our daughter, and she replied, what do you expect? You live in Kentucky. My wife said, “no, he had teeth so he must have been from out-of-state.”

Rim shot. “I’m GoingLikeSixty, and I’ll be here all week. Don’t forget to tip your waitress.”

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I’ll Always be a Yankee — 4 Comments

  1. Kentucky??? I’ve been in Arkansas for 28 years after spending 28 years in northern Illinois. The Arkansan’s tell me if I live to be 100 years old and stay in Ark. I will still be as I’m called now “A Damn Yankee”. (nuf said)???

  2. Yes, you will always be a Yankee, but we love you anyway…you are trying, however if you lived in Texas you would never write “Barbeque BBQ” (that redundancy at it worst)! Of course, you could say BBQ brisket (but, again that is redundant in Texas).

    Not BBQ, but our Hole-in-the-wall gang (named for the fine dining establishment we visit) went to Hutto last night and had terrific chicken fried steak and the best sizzling apple pie ala mode in America at the Texan Cafe. If/when you’re in the Austin area, you gotta visit this place.

  3. Sorry, but I would have to do BBQ. I would see it as a missed opportunity if I ate Chicken Fried Steak. But the Apple Pie ala mode sounds wunnerful.