I’m Missing the Booze

What really sucks about this age is having to limit my intake of “adult beverages” as my friend Wild Bill likes to call them.

I wasn’t a power drinker before I got put on drugs for high blood pressure and other ailments.  But I liked to have a couple beers after golf, or one after mowing the yard, then maybe my wife and I would share a pitcher of margaritas in the evening sitting outside in the warmer months.

I love Pina Coladas too. Rum and coke. Bourbon and coke. Long Island Iced Tea.

Drinking red wine is good for boomers too.  Problem is, once you open a bottle it has to be finished, right?  So I would have 2/3 of the bottle and my wife 1/3.

So now I’m limiting my intake.  Blech.

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