Loving the Limo

This geezer (his word not mine) has the usual “don’t fear AARP” and “you’re not 25 anymore” advice, but I really endorse his idea of “upgrade from the chicken bus.”

We’re not big world travelers, but we did ride a few chicken buses in Cancun way back when, and when we went to Paris, we did ride the Metro constantly, but we learned a long time ago, that when visiting Disney World, a limo is a great way to go, even with kids.

In the old days – before Disney instituted the free bus ride from the airport – hiring a limo wasn’t that much more than the cost for four people to ride the bus.  But the advantages made the limo ride a better value. First, you didn’t have to wait for everybody else to schlep their luggage and board the bus. Second, the limo would make a grocery stop so you could load up on crap to eat at the hotel. Third, the limo didn’t stop at every hotel to people off. Fourth, the limo was cool.  It was just a big black Lincoln Town Car, but I felt special.

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