Make Your Next Computer a Laptop

The Savvy Boomer says we should consider buying a laptop because the biggest advantage is WIRELESS.

Well, I’m hear to tell you setting up a wireless network on a PC is real chore. Unless you have a friend that sets up networks, or want to pay the Computer Geeks, plan on a lot of frustration and restarting of your computer.

But there is a bright spot on the horizon.

Apple is slowly earning back computer market share because of innovations like using RFID to set up a network.

How cool would it be just to bring your device: iPod, Macbook, printer close to the base and the RFID would transfer all the configuration data, security keys and other mumbo-jumbo. Then you turn on your Mac and you have a network.

That day can’t come quick enough for me.

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Make Your Next Computer a Laptop — 2 Comments

  1. Hi: Thanks for the link. This is Brian from the Savvy Boomer. I really had no problem. I bought the wireless router, took out the regular router, plugged it into the modem. Entered a network name and password and I was up and running.
    Now, if you’re talking a complete wireless network ie where other computers talk to each other and peripherals on the network-yes, I agree that is a much more complex affair. My post really was just about going wireless so you could use your laptop anywhere in your residence or other places that have wireless connections to access the internet.

  2. Thanks for writing.
    Yes, I should clarify. I had a VOIP modem in the mix, and I think that did complicate things.
    I think our house has some lead lined walls because I get really crappy wireless reception when I’m just 30 feet from the modem. But I guess that’s another issue.