Maybe I Should Just Blow My Retirement Savings

It’s days like today, (Dow down 242)  and days like Feb. 27 (Dow down 400) that I wonder why I even bother saving for retirement.  I had made real progress toward building my retirement fund when the last crash occurred.  So here we are seven years later and blammo thousands of dollars in gains are wiped out.

And since 1/2 of our portfolio is in mutual funds, I had a hefty tax bite because of a huge dividend reinvestment.

What really hacks me off are the government and union employees who are getting guaranteed pensions.  When they hit 62, they are quitting, drawing a nice pension, getting consulting or second jobs and living the high life.  I’ll be working until they carry me out feet first because wasn’t able to save enough to retire on.

Oh well, all I can do is keeping saving and hope I die the last year of my million dollar term life insurance so my family can get paid.

 Friggin’ market.

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