Sleep Study in Your Future? Read this.

Getting Healthy Again does an excellent job of describing a sleep study. I had a very similar experience even though has been fifteen years since I was diagnosed with sleep apnea.

I had a couple different experiences however, first, when I was ready to go to sleep and the room was completely dark, the voice over the intercom said “smile” and they meant it.  Apparently smiling gave them the feedback to know all electrodes were working properly.

I also had to stay the next day for a “nap study.”  I was waked up about 7 a.m. and told I could get dressed and take a walk, but to be back in a couple hours to see if I was tired enough to take a nap – before noon.  Same thing afternoon, take a couple hours away then come back.  Turns out that in the morning, I couldn’t tell, nor could the nurses, if I fell asleep.  In the afternoon, there was no doubt, I fell asleep in about 10 minutes.

And I’ve been using a CPAP ever since.

It ain’t no picnic, but it beats the alternative.

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Sleep Study in Your Future? Read this. — 6 Comments

  1. yeah…I remember smiling for them too!!!! that’s interesting about the nap study….I didn’t have to do that because I guess they knew right away. How was it when you went back for the c pap? took me a while to get used to it. I like opening my mouth with it on because the air blows out!!!! I love irritating my husband with that!

  2. Wow. When I went in for my sleep study — I didn’t know you could study in your sleep 🙂 — the nurse told me to look up at the camera on the wall. It was in INFRARED camera and could see me in the dark just as well as I could see in broad daylight.

    I have adapted remarkable easily to my cpap machine. It is almost as if I always used one, and its only been 7 days since I got mine. I think that a whole bunch of snoring people probably would really benefit from a sleep study. After all, if the study reveals you don’t need a cpap machine, that too is nice to know.

  3. So, is the CPAP treating you right? I am assuming it does. Well, just make sure you clean your CPAP machine regularly not only to preserve and prolong its life but also to prevent you from getting complications from a dirty CPAP unit. Dust and bacteria can accumulate inside the tubings and the mask and we know very well that the machine is blowing air full blast into our lungs. We don’t want any unwanted stuff in our lungs, do we?

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