Survey for Colorado Boomers, but You Can Answer Too.

From the Rocky Mountian News two Colorado foundations want to know what’s ahead for baby boomers.

“…learn more about what baby boomers want and need to live healthy, fulfilling and useful lives in their 60s, 70s, 80s and beyond. “

But they only want to know about older baby boomers – 55 to 65.  The survey is supposedly for Colorado residents only, but they used an online survey form that lets anybody answer.  So I did. (I don’t live in CO.)

 And if I wanted to, I could have taken the survey multiple times.  Rinky-dink research – the worst kind.

The sad part? The survey company they used has options that would prevent multiple answers from people who live outside Colorado.  I’ve used this company before and it cheap.  I just hope they didn’t pay some consultant a ton of money to design the survey.

Thirty questions, about 5 minutes to complete the survey.  The survey closes June 28, so you have lots of time to fill out lots of surveys in lots of different ways.

And from this survey, these foundations will draw dramatic conclusions and put them in a fancy binder for some legislative committee and everybody will have a warm fuzzy feeling.

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