Thanks for your comment.

I’ve commented on a lot of blogs lately.

I can count on one hand the number of bloggers that have acknowledged my comment. By that I mean the blogger has either commented back – or sent me an email.

Seth Godin responds. (He runs a huge marketing outfit.) Howard Lindzon responds. (He runs a hedge fund and launched my favorite web show Wallstrip.

Imagine sitting in a classroom, and the person in charge makes a statement, and invites your comments. So you speak up, only to be ignored. Blech.

So: pledge time! I pledge to respond to every comment.

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Thanks for your comment. — 2 Comments

  1. hey there
    I think I was born with a post it note on my forehead. I use them all the time, I do most of the same things you do except voicemail. I have never taken the time to figure out to do it. Yeah, I know!