Today Was ‘No Computer for a Day’ Day

I didn’t know anything about today being no computer day. I could have done it.  I was busy most of the day because the weather was nice.  Picked up sticks in the yard, picked up leaves and trimmings of ravenna grass, put the sharpened blade back on the mower, gassed it up so my wife could mow (we kind of have a deal about mowing), did the dog poop patrol, gassed up and started the golf cart, got a video (Babel) got my hair cut, ate a M&M McFlurry (I treated myself for good behavior), watched a little NASCAR, played with the dogs, went with my wife to get a picture of the dogs taken, showered, and here I am.

I logged on to the laptop a couple times while watching NASCAR.  I could have gone 24 hours without going online.

Now if it would have been rainy?  No way. I do my best surfing during rainstorms.

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Today Was ‘No Computer for a Day’ Day — 2 Comments

  1. There is no way I could go a day without a computer “hit”. In fact, it’s so bad that I have tennis elbow (should be computer elbow) from being on the computer so much.