Too Many Heroes; Too Many Miracles.

Thanks to 24 hour cable news, and bombastic sports writers, we have too many heroes and too many miracles.

What makes a hero? Nobody knows. What makes a miracle? I’ll let the theologians handle that.

But heres my take. A guy who plays baseball and wins some games in the postseason isn’t a hero. A soldier on a mountain in Afganistan who gets killed by friendly fire isn’t a hero. A pastor who aids and comforts the community after a tornado isn’t a hero.

You know that you can’t watch the news on a regular basis without some reporter or commentator breathlessly declaring that a person was a “hero.”

As far as miracles? Scoring the winning basket isn’t a miracle. Dragging a man from a lake and doing CPR isn’t a miracle. Dancing isn’t a miracle.

Most of the time it’s the subject of the interview that declares a “miracle.” It was a miracle we survived. It’s a miracle the church wasn’t damaged. It’s a miracle she came out of the coma.

I’ve never had a microphone shoved in my face after a disaster, and I may call someone a hero or the outcome a miracle. But do everybody a favor, producer or editor, don’t use that quote.

We have too many heroes and too many miracles. It diminishes the meaning of the words.

Update: It’s today’s frickin’ miracle story. At least the blogger put quotes around miracle.

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Too Many Heroes; Too Many Miracles. — 1 Comment

  1. The smart ass in me has to comment on the “Man Critical After Near Drowning.”
    Later the man explained: “the person doing CPR had cold hands.”