Why Can’t I Get Motivated to Lose Weight?

It’s getting warm enough that I see a lot of people out walking or running. They all are a lot thinner than I am.  My BMI, golf score, and bowling average are about the same – the very low 100’s.

I used to exercise – and I did feel better, I was stronger and had more stamina. But I got out of the habit a couple years ago, and just can’t get back into the swing.  I know I’ll feel better and be more healthy and look better. 

I sure wish those calorie burning energy drinks really worked.

My wife needs to exercise too. I guess we have this unspoken mutual pact that we will just be fat and happy together.

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Why Can’t I Get Motivated to Lose Weight? — 2 Comments

  1. Its so hard to get motivated to work out. I look at it like a job..its something I have to do. If you can just get started chances are you’ll stick with it. but getting started is a chore in itself.