Chick-a-boomer Picks Her Nose and Eats It.

Reliable witnesses report that Chick-a-boomer routinely picks her nose. Sources say that she keeps heavy flow maxi pads with her in case she draws blood. Rumor has it that she does enjoy eating some of the boogers with a flourish. Others are often rejected by wiping them on the bottom of her desk.

Chick-a-boomer reports on Larry’s Kings gas problem by saying:

It’s been reported that Larry has a gas problem. Probably from all that high fiber, fruity diet. Rumor has it there’s an electric fan under his CNN anchor desk to blow his noxious fumes away from his unsuspecting guests. Some guests have been quoted anonymously blabbing about Larry’s on-air farts.

If you read it on the innerweb it must be true.

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Chick-a-boomer Picks Her Nose and Eats It. — 2 Comments

  1. Hi, Going Like Sixty! I confess. I pick my nose and eat it. Also pick my ears.

    I’m done with menopause but I do keep giant Q-tips to sop up the blood from my ears!