Dirty Boomer Woman Wins at City Hall

With permission, I can write about the dirty woman I live with.

She started about about 9:30 yesterday to run some errands before going to
a golf luncheon.

The descriptions were lifted from her email to friends looking for sympathy.

As I approached the corner of Ironwood and something or other, I noticed a large city truck and two men dinking around on the corner.  I stopped at the stop sign and pulled around the corner.

After making the turn, my car was blasted (yes, the top was down) with dirt,water, etc.  It seems the city decided to clean debris out of the storm drain that runs under the street, and didn’t bother to block the street or warn drivers.

Mad woman driving.  Dead man walking!

She called me, and my first response was laughter.

Mad woman driving with cellphone.  Dead husband.

I said she should turn around and go back the scene and show them what they had done.  Since it was a storm drain it was basically clay mud that hit the left front fender, the windshield, the sun visors, the back seat, the inside of the top folded in the boot, and the trunk.  Also, it dirtied a towel she had just embroidered for a friend.

So, I went back and showed them my car.  They said “didn’t you see the debris” – I politely said when I stopped at the corner, there was no debris and frankly, I had no idea what you were doing”.  Then he said “call city hall and they’ll take care of cleaning your car.”

So after the golf luncheon I went to city hall.  I was informed they
couldn’t take my word for it that there was even a crew in that area.  I
said I understood that. So she called the head of the street department and
the guy I spoke with at the scene had already called in what had happened.
I thought that was really nice. 🙂

What I really wanted to happen was for someone to get up off their fat ass
and look at my car, which of course no one did – probably because they know you can’t park close to city hall and would have to walk a block or two!

After waiting on umpteen phone calls to be made, she was told me to take it to
a local car wash. She took the car and the street department guy
pulled up in a truck right behind me.  She told him she was very glad someone
was going to be able to see my car. She said it would be a good idea when
they do that, to block off the street so it doesn’t happen again.

Before she left the car wash, the street department guy told her that he had already radioed the supervisor that from now on when they do that, they need to block off the

I won a round with City Hall!!!

As far as sympathy from her friends?  Nah, ain’t happenin’

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Dirty Boomer Woman Wins at City Hall — 2 Comments

  1. Oddly, if you could combine both of your automotive interior incidents this week, it would be a wash.