Don’t Lower Flags to Half Staff on a Whim

We’re lowering our flags for troops that die in Iraq, for students that are murdered in Virginia, for cops that die in the line of duty, for judges, for teachers, and on and on and on.

Here’s a news flash for a lot of people: only the president can call for the flags to be flown at half staff.

If you are unsure, here’s a site to sign up to get notification by email of when the president makes such a call. Its from the largest retail supplier of flags and banners.

I like what the president of has to say –

“The recent tragedy at Virginia Tech reminds us of the importance of unity and the American Flag,” stated Kerry McCoy, president of Little Rock based Flag and Banner. “When we as a people mourn, the United States flag is lowered to half mast all across the nation.”

There is an old adage which states: ‘Joy shared is multiplied. Grief shared is divided.’ The unity felt by all Americans when Old Glory flies half mast re-establishes for all of us that we are not alone. It inspires in us a solidarity and determination that sees us through the most trying and difficult days. It is the first step taken on the pathway to healing. We come together as Americans to share our grief and to begin the process of rebuilding our hopes and our lives. As the flag is raised again, we know, so again, our spirits will also rise.

We need to stop lowering the Stars and Bars so often. Such acts are becoming meaningless. It used to be that when you saw the American flag at half staff you knew immediately why. Now, the reaction is more likely to be, “who knows?”

That’s not the way it should be.

So fly the flag proudly to honor those who are fighting and dying to keep the right NOT to lower the flag, unless the leader of the free world says we should.

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