It’s the Ethanol that Makes a Daiquiri Healthy


As I sit here sipping my Marge and Rita I read at that Strawberry Daiquiris now qualify as a health food, along with red wine, dark chocolate and dirt.

The reason, it turns out, is the mixture of fruit and alcohol, specifically ethanol. Ethanol is the type of alcohol found in rum, vodka, tequila and other spirits and its addition actually boosts the antioxidant nutrients in strawberries and blackberries. In other words, you get more antioxidant benefit from a fully-loaded daiquiris than a “virgin” (no alcohol) daiquiris.

I’m not a huge fan of Strawberry Daquiris, but I can work it into my consumption of adult beverages if it’s good for me.

I guess there’s not enough profit in salt for that industry to launch such groundbreaking research.

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