Late Bloomer Boomer Zoomer Misses Nap

It’s a great afternoon for a nap outside. It’s about 70 degrees, nice breeze, warm sun. It rained last night, so the cushion on the swing was wet, but not unbearable.

The birds chirping, the sound of lawn mowers in the distance, the occasional car on the street even small planes overhead helped minimize my tinnitus.

Three things kept me from enjoying a snooze.


Three of our four dogs had joined me on the swing and were pretty chilled out just sniffing the air, each other, the cushion, me, and soaking up the rays.

I had my eyes closed not really listening or thinking anything earth shaking.  I was in that semi-concious state where I was concentrating on moving a floater around.

I don’t know how much time had passed, but long enough that I guess the dogs had left my side because the next thing I knew, our four pound Yorkie muddysofi.jpg (shown here almost actual size!)  ran across my belly, followed by our twenty pound Cairn taking the same path, because they were being chased by our 65 pound lab/border collie.

I think I was their “safe” spot.

Aside: We’re inside now, and one is sleeping on my chest, one on the couch and one on a cushion.  I definitely will be harassing them when I get done with this post. The fourth dog is on the bed looking out the window. Must be his turn for neighborhood watch.

The dogs apparently decided that “chase” was done and they left the swing again.

So things calmed down and I found myself manipulating that floater again. Since a real nap was out of the question, I was thinking about this blog.

Did you know that not many words rhyme with boomer?

I decided I’m a late bloomer boomer zoomer without a tumor or rumor.

Hey! Remember I was semi-concious chasing a floater.

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