New Product Ideas for Golf Cart Builders

Played my first round of golf today because my friend Wild Bill was in from TX.  We originally planned to play yesterday, but the 50/50 weather forecaster got it right, and it was rainy and cold.  He stayed an extra day because the 50/50 forecast for today was 70 degrees and partly cloudy.

Should have known that with our 50/50 weather forecaster, that today would be an off day.  Well it was way off.  But from adversity comes opportunity.  So while we played in 20 mph winds, 58 degrees and no sun, we came up with some new golf cart product ideas.

  • Heated cart seats.
  • Heated golf bags – to keep grips and golf balls warm
  • Warm water ball washers

In addition, we decided a local rule that declared that any “stinger” didn’t actually count as a stroke.

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