One Bed Partner Pukes, the Other Didn’t. Part One.

One of my bed partners was really restless last night. This morning when I woke up, they were BOTH gone. Turns out, one was sick, the other just needed a fix of WBBM-AM radio.

Let’s start with the sick one: Oliver, our Shih-Tzu. Oliver the Lump we call him. His exercise is going from couch to the bed. He’s five and very aloof. (Brood run-down here.)

While the other three dogs like to rassle and goof around, Oliver would just rather curl up on the couch and watch.

So last night when he couldn’t get comfortable on the bed, and was whining, I knew there was something wrong. But I also knew Mr. Aloof would not want or need my help.

So I woke up this morning to a pile of dog puke. It was actually three distinct sections: grass, fiberfill and food.

So nature handled that OK and he took his normal walk to get the paper with me this morning and was chowing down on dog food when I left for work.

I just read yesterday that dogs eat grass because they like it and because it makes them puke.

In my lifetime, I have cleaned up enough puke to make Mary Kate and Ashley proud.

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One Bed Partner Pukes, the Other Didn’t. Part One. — 2 Comments

  1. I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is too funny! We have a yorkie that we call CARPET MUNCHER(He likes to chew on carpet ravelings)The after effects are not pretty not to mention the sound effects ! YUCK!I especially love the last comment about Mary Kate and Ashley LOL.BTW.. I love this site also..I will be a regular here I am sure since i am a BABY BOOMER:-)

  2. OMG – our Morkie just started eating carpet too! Those sharp little teeth are really good at getting loops and then look out.
    When you figure out how to solve it let me know, we sprayed it with that bitter apple stuff and put a throw rug down. We’ll see!