Only the Sleep Deprived Buy Stock at it’s High is one of the best vlogs on the web.  They are hot – having been picked up by most of the major business websites because of their “stock culture meets pop culture” style. is also unique because they focus on stocks at an all time high.  The worse possible time to buy, right?  Nope.  Look at some of the stocks they have profiled and compare their performance since Wallstrip.

  • Crocs +40%
  • Sony +35%
  • Apple +24%
  • Green Mountain Coffee +24%
  • Nike +20%

They have very funny AND educational vlogs – Howard Lindzon is executive producer, Lindsay Campbell is the host, Adam Eland is producer / director.  From time to time they will bring in special guest appearances.

This vlog is one of those times Howard Lindzon plays himself – a sleep deprived hedge fund manager. Don’t miss the last half of the vlog – it’s very funny.

This episode is about Howard’s sleep apnea.  He and I use the same CPAP, but I sure wouldn’t have the guts to do what he did with it.

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Only the Sleep Deprived Buy Stock at it’s High — 2 Comments

  1. thanks so much. It actually is easy to walk around if you trust the people fiilming and editing. I am starting to enjoy the little cameos.

  2. Anytime!
    It’s really cool that a for-real hedge fund guy and angel takes time to respond to us little people.