Unique Way to Pay for College


UPDATE: Sorry, this is a re-run post and I don’t have a clue what the image was. Except that it was from this punk, who thinks everybody over 40 should leave the internet immediately.

5.) 40+ blogger:
You have no right to be “blogging” or even using the self-check out stand at Wal*Mart if you’re above the age of 40. This is OUR generation, you fucking ex-hippies. If it weren’t for you old motherfuckers who have no idea how to operate a computer the tech support lines wouldn’t fucking busy all the time. That pisses me off, dude. I’m on hold with a REAL PROBLEM while some Vietnam era baby boomer can’t figure out how to check his e-mail.

We had a nice exchange of comments, so we’re cool.
Oh, BTW: he stopped blogging in October, 2007. LOSER! I WIN! He’s probably on FaceSpace or MyBook.

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Unique Way to Pay for College — 3 Comments