Why Am I So Moved by This Stranger’s Misfortune?

A blogger who I have never read before, lost both his parents in a horrible traffic accident.  The beginning of his blog is so poignant, I suggest you read it.

It’s dramatic in it’s starkness and shock.

I’m moved because it’s powerful writing in it’s simplest form.

I won’t reprint the beginning here so that you get the full impact, but here are the sad details.

They were on their way here. To meet their new granddaughter, to watch as Thomas made his first Holy Communion, and to celebrate the Brownie’s 6th birthday. At 6:40 this morning, they were on the highway. In front of them, some hours earlier, a tractor-trailer had jack-knifed and a wrecker was pulling it off the road. Traffic was temporarily stopped as the tow-truck did its work. My parents were at the head of a line of cars, right in front of the jack-knifed semi.

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Why Am I So Moved by This Stranger’s Misfortune? — 3 Comments

  1. That was heart-wrenching.
    My parents are long gone but I’m going to phone my kids and tell them how much I love them right now.
    Never, ever, take anything for granted.