Why are Homebuilders Ignoring Boomers?

We sold our two story house three years ago because my wife got tired of trapsing upstairs to her sewing room. I wasn’t crazy about making the move because the home we left was part of a homeowner’s association where they hired mowers and landscapers and I just paid the quarterly fees.

So we moved to a one story ranch.  But it’s 40 years old because the builders in this area don’t build one level homes.  Even the condos and similar developments designed to appeal to the 55+ group are two story.

 The builders in one of the fastest growing areas for boomers, Naples, FL are getting smart.  In addition to all the amenities that have become standard for the community, the homes reflect boomer desires too.

They are building homes with dog washes, with storage for golf clubs and sports equipment…

The bathtub is no longer just a selling point for a new home, but a boomer necessity. “They have more time so they’re likely to take a lovely soaking bath,” said Sladick, whose recent project for one of the eight carriage homes at Azure in Bonita Bay included installing boomer-friendly features that also address safety — grab bars in the tub and shower and changing the color of steps into sunken parlors or at entries to make them more visible. “Baby boomers are making these changes for their parents,” she said. “It’s something they think about when their mother or father visits, and something that will also help them as they age. They love luxurious bathing tubs but are attuned to the eventual need of having an easy way to get in and out.

…and heated towel bars, better reading lighting, dishwashers mounted higher, and countertops lower.

These types of changes don’t add a lot to the cost of a home, but do add a lot to the value.

Homebuilders in areas with growing boomer populations need to take heed.

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Why are Homebuilders Ignoring Boomers? — 3 Comments

  1. Pretty soon, everyone will understand that you ignore boomers at your peril! There are just too darned many of us!

  2. Good point. There are some livable homes but not near enough for us boomers. Here are some more items that will make homes more livable for us and everyone.

    However I do not agree with the sales person that we want bath tubs. All my frieds only use the shower. They want a shower with a seat, and an extra spray nozzle.

    Those tubs are just too hard to get in and out of. We are having our master bath entirely redecorated and they wanted to put in one of those slipper tubs. They look great but we tried one at Lowes and Forget About it. Too difficult.