A Fake Newspaper Will Get Me Everytime

I’m a sucker for the stuff on the web where you can personalize it and a story is made up – in this case a fake newspaper front page.  I got one today who thoughtfully didn’t use any real names.

One of the stories:

Renowned physiotherapist, Sandy Pants, has just published a must read how-to book. The book is called “Hey Ladies, Relax!” and is full of tips and tricks to help the busy woman of today slow down the pace. Juggling the role expectations of career, motherhood, wife, companion, leather-clad dominatrix can be exhausting. Many of the calming activities revolve around deep breathing and bathing because of water’s therapeutic properties. Pants suggests soaking in the tub with a yellow rubber ducky or any other warm, comfortable toy.

the rest… 

Of course it’s got some links so you can make one yourself

I’m so easy to entertain, aren’t I?

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