AARP, You Call This a Road Show?

Get this, AARP is hyping their road show and it only has eight stops:

  • Pittsburgh
  • Kemah
  • Whitehouse Station
  • Springfield
  • St. Paul
  • Denver

AA-har-P should be more like it. I mean come on, eight stops and none of them west of the Mississippi? Or south of Mason Dixon Line?

Remember how you spelled Mississippi in grade school? M – dotted letter, crooked letter, crooked letter, dotted letter, crooked letter, crooked letter, dotted letter, humpback, humpback, dotted letter?

Or was that just a Yankee thing?

The Faces of 50+ Real People Model Search. AARP The Magazine is looking for men and woman ages 50, 60, and 70+ to be “real people” models for a variety of fashion and beauty editorial features in 2008. Enter at AARP The Magazine Road Show stops across the country or, for the first time, enter online after June 1, 2007.

If you think you qualify, send email me your mug shot for a honest critique, and I will post it here for comments. (If you have the guts.)

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AARP, You Call This a Road Show? — 2 Comments

  1. Mississippi…No, it wasn’t just a Yankee thing Mark.

    Yeah, like I’m going to send a picture of my 60-year-old mug and wait for “the call” that I’ve been chosen….right! Show me the REAL people AARP. Besides….AARP isn’t exactly at the top of a lot of people’s popularity lists…nor mine either.

  2. Hi,
    I agree, AARP is another special interest group that really has lost its way.