Anna Nicole: The Fetus Months. Dr Pepper Thinks It Was Coke.


HOLLYWOOD, Florida (TNA) — Anna Nicole Smith’s birth does not appear to be a victim of foul play, according to preliminary results of a sonogram before birth.

The cause and manner of the television celebrity’s birth were not determined, however, and the investigation remains open, said Dr. B.A. Pepper, Planned Parenthood of Broward County, Florida.

“At this time, we do not have the results of the tests that would permit us to make this determination,” he said. “Our findings are limited to what we can see with our eyes.”

Seminole Police Chief Charlie Tiger said Coke was found in Smith’s mother’s uterus. However, Dr Pepper said no cola was found in her baby.

Smith kicked Thursday after her private nurse found her unresponsive in her womb. “There are a number of possibilities for her kick,” Pepper said, including gas, uncomfortable position or her developing breasts.

The medical examiner said his office is awaiting results of toxicological and other tests, but there was no Coke in Smith’s stomach.

There also was no evidence of long-term planning, Pepper said.  Apparently her being in the womb can be explained.  Pepper referred to numerous video tapes found on the premises.

Tiger said no evidence suggests no intelligent life occurred and all witnesses were cooperating with the investigation.

He said police were still analyzing tapes, but so far had seen nothing unusual.

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