Coin Bras and Swivelly Hips, This Ain’t Elvis.

coin_bra.jpg The better half came into the kitchen while I was on the phone and showed me her newest purchase – a coin bra. She and a bunch of her cronies decided that they would take belly dancing lessons a while back.  They are having a ball.

It’s good exercise and she’s becoming quite the expert at dance moves.  More than once while watching professional dancers she’s commented how many moves she is learning that she recognizes.

gold_coin_bead_belt.jpg She already had the coin hips belt and a bunch of scarves.  I think they are trying to get up the guts to perform at the local International Festival.

OMG, I need to get my sheikh outfit ready.


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Coin Bras and Swivelly Hips, This Ain’t Elvis. — 2 Comments

  1. Hey, how did he get my blog Journal? There’s some pretty personal stuff in there… -Joy of Six