Coolest vs. Realest!

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Lifehacker is running this lame contest about who has the coolest office.

After five glorious weeks of highlighting user-submitted workspaces, the time has come to narrow down our favorites. To crown this year’s winner, we’re going to choose a favorite from each weeks’ themed entries one at a time and then undertake one final vote-off between the finalists.

Five glorious weeks.  We have five glorious weeks of receipts and notes on our desk.  That’s real. Not cool, but real.

Here’s a note that says “yada, yada, yada” that may be a little older than five weeks.  How about this? Note: If I knit fast, does it count as and Aerobic Exercise. That was a blog idea my wife had. Receipt for drugs (don’t ask.) Some stock tips, EV, TROW, BLK (if you buy these stocks your belt will break and your pants will fall down and you may lose money.) Lots of websites:,, and a lot of phone numbers written on scraps of paper.

There is also a new man’s shirt on the printer, under a print out from

Lifehacker was looking for an office that is tightly integrated in to the living space. Their entries are all fake. They have to be. You cannot have a dual screen setup and not have a piece of paper visible.

So head over to Lifehacker and vote if you want. I’m waiting for the realest office contest.

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Coolest vs. Realest! — 3 Comments

  1. People who have time to make their offices “cool” as opposed to “real” do not have enough to do. Mine (both home and work) are full of Harry Potter calendars and photos of and artwork by my children, plus a large and overweening measure of general disarray and clutter.

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