Friday Five – Ways to Save Gas

We all know that we’ll be hitting the road this weekend. So here are my five suggestions for cutting down your gas consumption:

  1. put brick in gas tank, if it works for your toilet, bricktoilet.jpg it will work for your car.
  2. put your kitty kitty.jpeg on accelerator, when it squeals lift slightly
  3. only drive north to south, that’s all downhill on my map map.jpeg
  4. bump draft trucks, NASCAR drivers say it works bumpdraft.jpeg
  5. turn off the air conditioner and keep windows rolled up, the kids will eventually dehydrate and be comatose kids.jpeg adding to your driving pleasure
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Friday Five – Ways to Save Gas — 2 Comments

  1. Those are good, yet funny, tips!

    It reminded me of a time I road with a fellow Airman home on leave from Biloxi. He had a VW Beatle and he would pull up behind trailer trucks going about 70 and push in the clutch and the truck would suck us right down the highway! Dangerous – yes! But, we saved even more on gas than the VW normally got.

    It’s a wonder I live to have my 61st today!