Gas is Higher, Let’s Run All Over Using Coupons

I forgot in my previous post, that I also am one of those guys that can’t resist coupons for free stuff. Not BOGO, but totally FREE.

About that headline on my post? Chalk this up to entertainment expense, not saving money.

Today I cashed out my stash of coupons for free stuff.

Here’s my haul:

  • 24 twenty oz bottles of Coke
  • 3 two liter bottler of 7up
  • 1 1.5 bottle of Lipton diet tea

Kroger charged me tax (OK because it says so on the coupon.)  USA Today on Friday had a coupon for Free Regular Coke AND Free Coke Zero.  After twice having to explain that it wasn’t BOGO, I started mentioning it before they rang it up wrong.  The coupons expire in December, so I also invested in an inventory of Friday, May 25, 2007 USA Today.

On Saturday mornings, my time is worth nothing, the USAT’s cost 75 cents to get Cokes worth $2.60.

Of course I didn’t count the lebenty leben dollars in gas running all over this end of town!

As an aside? I don’t think Coke Zero is gonna make it. 1. have to give two products away to get people to try one, and 2. three of the four convenience stores I went into didn’t carry it (only one refused the coupon, the others substituted.)

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