Get Ready Fem-o-bloggers, Grist for Blog Mill Coming

Heads up from Radar Online:

Nora Ephron feels bad about her neck, but at least she feels good about … well, actually, there doesn’t seem to be much she feels good about. “This insistence on the joy of aging, the joy of menopause, the joy of late-life sex—this is all garbage,” the When Harry Met Sally screenwriter tells Deborah Solomon in the New York Times Magazine. “It’s hard to think of much that is genuinely better.” Asked what she’s done to counteract the effects of age on her face, Ephron says, “I’ve had Restylane injections, only it wasn’t called Restylane; it was called something else. It doesn’t hurt that much. It hurts less than having fat injected into your face, which I’ve also had done. That hurts big time, although not as much as labor.”

Actually “The New Middle Ages” will appear Sunday.

There’s a piece called “Naked.”

There’s a memoir of getting on and off antidepressants in midlife.

“40 Hours to Total Brain Fitness!”

“Baby Boomer Exceptionalism is Not Exceptional”

“Can Science Tell Us Who Grows Wiser?”

OMG – elderbloggers heaven!

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