I’ve Always Wanted a Cool Nickname

Who doesn’t?

News is out about Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes and her last video. OMG is there a cooler nick than being called “Left Eye?”

But I’m not a jock and never been one so nothing sports oriented.

Gabe is cool sounding, better than Gabriel. Barney is good, if you are Bernard. Zeke goes with any name. But not Sonny, even if your name is Ignacious. Iggy is bad, but not as bad as a grown man being called Sonny. Unless you’re Sonny Liston, but he’s dead so how cool is that?

Jud is good. But Judson for a real name isn’t.

Ozzy – another great nickname, and Woody.

Smitty – really obvious for the Smith guys. But still a good nickname. Like “Dusty” Rhodes it’s kinda automatic.

“Hey Vinny!” But only if your Italian.

On the other hand, I may have a nickname that I don’t know about, and don’t want to know about. About the closest I’ve come is being called “lead foot.”

The worse nickname? Lard-ass. But absolutely one of the best movie scenes ever.

UPDATE: Bruce Willis has a cool nickname: Bruno, from his days as a bartender.

Regis announced today 7/3/07 that he wants to be known as Kiki.  Kiki??? c’mon Reeg is a great nickname!

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