I Gots a Theme Song, I Gots a Theme Song

Dude, dude, so listen up dog, I got a theme song (opens .pdf) check this out. I found cello (!) music for a song called “Going Like Sixty”

Unfortunately, as Simon Cowell would say, “it’s dreadful.”  If you want to listen to a 60 second sample there is a link below.  About at :55 it sounds like it has possiblities.  I would order it, but it’s on backorder. It’s a track on the David Gunn Somewhere East of Topeka CD. I doubt that they will be going back into production soon so I didn’t order it.

3. Going like sixty Real AudioReal Audio Windows MediaWindows Media
Composer David Gunn
Ensemble Vermont Contemporary Music Ensemble
Country USA

Mushy if you stop by, maybe you have the blues version 🙂

I wish it was by this David Gunn.

Until you make it to the Lower East Side Tenement Museum, at 108 Orchard St. (below Delancey), console yourself with the museum’s new CD, Folk Songs for the Five Points, a collection of experimental music capturing the sounds, and the spirit, of one of New York’s oldest and most culturally diverse neighborhoods. The album was created from audio fragments caught on location in the Lower East Side and remixed by cross-disciplinary artist David Gunn.

from Ambience Chasers (love that post title) at Impractical Proposals.

Back to the cello part of “Going Like Sixty” I always loved the parts where you get to rest the first ten bars. You can always let pick up the count from some other player if you aren’t paying strict attention when the downbeat starts.  Plus I only can read bass clef, and it’s cool that cellos are bass clef.  Didn’t know that.

I  played the baritone in high school because the band director needed baritones.  I should have played something cool like the trumpet or trombone.  Didn’t matter because when marching season came, I tried out and was made the drum major so I didn’t have to play a damn thing – just a whistle.

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I Gots a Theme Song, I Gots a Theme Song — 2 Comments

  1. Man, you need the blues or even rap version! That was terrible…too high brow for me!

    Maybe you should have stayed with “I can’t drive 55!”