If Your Nose Fell Off, Would You Get Screened?

A new survey has been released that says even though Americans know skin cancer is preventable, few of us are doing anything about it.

A new survey from the American Academy of Dermatology (Academy) found that while four out of five survey respondents (80%) are concerned about skin cancer and feel it is important to protect themselves, more than half (54%) have never been screened for skin cancer by a health care provider and nearly one-quarter (23%) never examine their own skin for changes to moles and other blemishes.

I don’t fall in any of these groups.  I’m not concerned about skin cancer.  Actually I’m very lackadaisical about prevention. I play golf without a cap, in shorts, and short sleeve shirt and with no sunscreen.  I usually get one good burn on my forehead (which is pretty high at this stage.)  It peels and then I forget about it. But I don’t go without my shirt AT ALL. Small children would run at the sight.

But I’ve been to a dermatologist to have  a mole or two removed, along with the dreaded skin tags.  I do check for changes in moles and stuff.

There are clinics that will do free screenings for skin cancer.

You know what’s really nuts? Tanning beds. To me this is the height of stupidity.  I  think there are acceptable tanning creams that don’t turn you orange (but I may be wrong.)

Q. Why would a young person subject themselves to more wrinkles and higher chance of skin cancer, just to look good?

A. Because they are ignorant.  Ever notice how many light up a butt as they leave the tanning salon?

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