Imus Pokes CBS Eye


Don Imus has CBS in a pickle.

A draft copy of Imus’s lawsuit says that the network expected him to be controversial and irreverent under the terms of his contract. And he claims Imus’s show was on a five second delay that allowed the network to censor him if they wanted.

CBS should just get out their checkbook and write Imus a very large number.  Otherwise the stink just keeps on getting stronger.

Take the Imus and Couric stories and executives at CBS must be buying Maalox by the gallon.

Another source says Imus may sue for $200 million by the time the paperwork gets to the courthouse.

Meanwhile, four former FCC commissioners contacted by ABC News say they do not believe that the speech was actionable under current federal guidelines that prohibit profanity or indecency on public airwaves.

Imus wins. CBS loses.  What was the name of the school team he insulted?

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