Mr. Ashley Judd Wins Wet like Boss Demanded


Mr. Ashley Judd won the Indy 500 today in the rain. I’m glad it rained because Ashley Judd is always wet from rain or sweat in most of the films she stars.


A Time To Kill

Mostly sweaty because it’s supposed to take place in Mississippi and I guess they didn’t have air conditioning. She also was caught in the rain. But Sandra Bullock never seemed to sweat like Ashley.

She also sweat a lot in The Locusts, but that was set in the ’50’s. I remember sweating a lot in the ’50’s.

In Double Jeopardy, she ends up in a sinking car with Tommy Lee Jones.




In her newest film, Bug, they say

Judd plays Agnes , a sweaty, coke-snorting woman cooped up in an Oklahoma motel room, where most of the movie is set.


No wonder she is depressed she’s been playing the same part in her last six movies.

What the heck, Mr. Ashley Judd just won a big paycheck at Indy!

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Mr. Ashley Judd Wins Wet like Boss Demanded — 9 Comments

  1. God, is she not the sexiest thing out there! I love the shot and wish she would get all up in my face!

    Wow! Got to go take a shower now!

  2. Yeah, she’s hot. And what I like is that she didn’t dress like a member of the pit crew. I hope that trend is OVER.

  3. The first thing I ever saw Ashley Judd do was guest-star in an episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation, playing Wil Wheaton’s love interest. She didn’t sweat a drop, so far as I could tell. Perhaps you need to put her in deep space to keep her dry.

  4. Nice post. What I was amazed with, and not to sound sexist here, was her knowledge of racing. She came off very knowledgable when ABC interviewed her as hubby was finishing his final lap.

  5. Alvin: I gotta admit, I didn’t listen to the interviews after, I switched to NASCAR. She has a French degree from U of Kentucky
    (no cracks) so she isn’t a dummy.
    Glad she was articulate. Hanging around those F1 guys will do that.

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