Pause for Pee.

Buy, rent in the store, or rent by mail? Which is your preferred way to see a movie? For me it depends on the season. During the winter when I watch more DVDs and don’t want to go out in the cold, I love Netflix. Spring and fall, I’ll go with Blockbuster. We watch so few DVDs in the summer it’s insignificant.

Baby Baby Boomers have always been considered staunch fans of film and have traditionally made up a large part of movie theater viewers. But given the time and the opportunity, we are spending more time watching DVD movies at home.

The DVD technology today has made the quality of home movie viewing incomparable. The DVDs available on the market are undoubtedly better than the VCDs of old. Now we can get the effects and experience that were so long only possible in movie theatres.

The insurmountable issue the local Blockbuster has is depth.  When I want to watch a documentary, or classic, or sports event, Blockbuster bricks and mortar can’t hold a candle to Netflix by mail.  Netflix’s business plan is to have a warehouse within one day’s mail service.   Since I usually sign up for their four at a time deal, I always have an unwatched DVD ready to go.

We still go to movies, but usually for only those where a huge screen, dark room, and better sound it integral to the experience.

With DVDs that liter of Diet Coke I drank is no problem.

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