She Ran Over an Old Biddy

I guess this is a country-boy thang rather than a boomer thang.  I know that a biddy is a chicken because my dad use to have a feed mill where he mixed chicken feed (not food) by the ton.  I used to drive the truck that delivered the feed five tons at a time to chicken houses with 10,000 birds.

Over at First 50 Words the challenge was to write about “giddy.”

Here’s my latest entry (cross posted):

She was positivly giddy
as the car was skidding.
She had swerved to miss a kitty
and run over an old biddy.

Before your heart is stricken
and you become severly sickened
check with your local wiccan
to know a biddy is a chicken.

I’ll be waiting for Hallmark to call.

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She Ran Over an Old Biddy — 7 Comments

  1. That’s a great little poem! I love it. I had no idea a biddy was not an old woman.

  2. Well, I’ve learned something here Mark…a biddy is a chicken AND you’re not a bad poet. Hallmark must have a humor division….

  3. Ya know whut? I don’t know if the phrase is ole bitty or biddy.
    I’ll get back to ya.
    Joy, thanks for the left handed compliment! 🙂

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