Tastes Like Turkey.

For initiation into Boonville, MO Jaycees, us newbies had to deep fry turkey testicles for the membership.  Elderon, (I thought Star Wars blew them up.)  is doing everything but turkey testicles for their festival.

Some 300 people were expected to go through 80 to 100 pounds of gonads during last weekend’s annual Testicle Festival in Elderon, Wisc.

The Wausau Daily Herald, a Gannett newspaper, reports that “the featured food is deep-fried sheep, lamb and bull testicles.

“They taste like chicken nuggets,” the organizers’ daughter says. “You just have to get past the testicle part.”

Turkey testicles do taste like turkey – that’s what they are.  White meat even.

You just roll those suckers in the flour, toss them into boiling deep fat and when they float they are done.

She’s absolutely right about the testicle part. Lots of beer helps.

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Tastes Like Turkey. — 4 Comments

  1. You familiar with Jaycees? Back then they didn’t do white burgundy. Back then they didn’t allow wimmin!

  2. we have a testicle festival here in southwest Florida that is pretty popular. can’t say I’ve ever had them nor do I want to.