What Do They Believe In?

I’ve read a lot of Memorial Day blogs, stories in newspapers, and seen a lot of TV segments. They usually include something like: “s/he died (was wounded) for something s/he believed in.” This also applies to people heading to Iraq. A mom or dad will say, s/he believes in what they are doing.”

Maureen at My Midlife Safari writes

For my step-son who is a captain in the army stationed in Germany and waiting to be deployed to Iraq again I have nothing but respect and gratitude. Why? Because he walks his talk. He believes in what he is doing and he acts on that belief. I admire that.

I asked her to explain and hopefully she will comment here.

When one says “I believe” and is facing danger:

Does it mean s/he supports the war? Believes in following orders? Believes in our country and it’s leaders?

I’m not being snarky. I’m really curious what folks mean when they say “s/he believes in what they are doing.”

I have this is a feeling that one must have before facing danger. If one doesn’t believe – then doubt plays a part.

I’ve never had to put my life on the line under orders. But I think the reasons to believe may be slightly different for each person.

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