World’s Oldest Bowler? I’m Not Impressed.

Ok, the guy lived to be 106, he’s blind, and seems to be a really nice fella. I appreciate the modern medicine and his apparent good genes and/or lifestyle that gave him a long full life.

But bowling isn’t that tough to handle at any age.  That’s why you see five year olds at the bowling alley.

Hargrove, who has been bowling for 80 years, states “It’s unbelievable that I’ve made it this long. I never gave it any real thought. Somebody higher is helping me. I love challenges. I will keep going until it gets embarrassing. I’m not as accurate as I used to be. My ability is on the edge but I’m not embarrassed yet. But whatever I do, I’m the only one who can do it.”

So a buddy picks him up and delivers him to the bowling alley. says:

Grab his eight-pound ball, walk to about two feet behind the foul line, slightly rock the ball back and forth three times, take two steps and release. A case of macular degeneration developed in the past two years keeps him from seeing the pins, so Davis or others tell him what’s remaining and his instincts from more than eight decades of bowling take over.

Now if he bowled a 200 game or something, then I would be impressed.  He has an average of 90, so that means he bowls his age.  Golfers like to shoot their age.  If he was a golfer, and shot 106, I’d be impressed.

But bowling? It just isn’t that tough to continue to participate even if you are deaf, blind, and only one arm.

Now, keep in mind that this is from a fully capable man who regularly bowls his age, and often is lucky to get a 300 series.

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