55 Alive: Take Down This Photo



UPDATE: The CEO said they would change the photo. (Do you think the center dork guy looks like President Bush?)

Jeff Lantz
CEO – 55-Alive! LLC

We’ll also be happy to change the photograph mentioned.

UPDATE 2: Appears the CEO may not fully grasp the situation.

I’m guessing the reason for changing the pictures was that it was too hokey or the people were not of the right age or both. Am I correct?



Jeff Lantz
55-Alive! LLC

No Jeff, they are dorks!

UPDATE 3: He got it, he wrote:

Yes, and mostly that….  (I was trying to be a little more politically correct).


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55 Alive: Take Down This Photo — 6 Comments

  1. Thank you, the photo drove me crazy, I blog there all the time, just closed my eyes at that photo. You did us a service, not that I would ever say they were dorky or anything like that, but the photo was just not my cup of tea. Glad you posted at 55-alive. Going to be fun browsing through your blog.

  2. Hi Marcia, If it were real folks, I would never call them dorky, but they were models. And we know models don’t have feelings!
    Nice that 55-alive responded so promptly. Speaks well of them.