A Distant Thunder Becomes a Local Thunder

A Distant Thunder

This is my favorite painting.

We had a distant thunder that turned into a full blown summer thunderstorm blowing down half a tree onto a power line.  So our part of town was without power which meant no innerweb!  No problem, I have a converter that will run off the car lighter. So I figure I’ll just sit in the car and surf the web. A/C and everything.

As I was climbing in the car, I broke off my USB wireless connector.

Nothing else to do, so I figure I’ll run to Best Buy.  HORRORS, they had no power either so they were closed.

Staples! Yes! And since I always hated that little USB thing hanging off the laptop, I upgraded to a wireless card.

And of course on the way home I realize – duh – no power, no wireless!

Now the whole time, my wife is sitting in the recliner in the semi-dark just relaxing.

I tried to convince her that she would be more comfortable in the car with the a/c, but she said she was fine.  “I’m going to watch a DVD” I said. “Go ahead,” she said.

Chose The Big Lebowski, took it to the car, slid it in the laptop and got a message from Bill Gates and the RIAA that said they couldn’t check my analog something or rather and it wouldn’t play.

So I’m back in the house, telling her that Bill Gates was a prick, and I was going to get Akio Sony to help me. She bought me a Sony DVD walkman. So I take that to the car. Of course I had the wrong power cord. Back in to get it, just in time for hear her talking to her third favorite man, the Pizza Hut guy. (Her second favorite man is her massager.)

I got the right cord, plug it in, fire it up and no sound!  Of course, no earphones.

So I’m back inside, and asked her which would happen first: I get DVD playing, pizza guy comes, or the power comes back on.

She didn’t answer, just shook her head.

Got DVD playing. pizza guy came, walked right by the running car (glad we have tinted windows.)

Of course, I’m back in the house to get my share, back out to the car, get video going again and about 10 minutes into the worst movie I have seen to date – Corrupt – the lights in the house are on!

OK, nerd vision: I have my large noise canceling earphones around my neck, the Walkman, the laptop, and two power cords, the DVD and install CD in my hands.

Obviously I am so not a techno-nerd, but I sure looked the part.

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A Distant Thunder Becomes a Local Thunder — 4 Comments

  1. I totally know what you mean! When we are without power, or the weather’s too bad to keep the computers plugged in, I nearly gnaw my arm off! I will have to keep the movie in the car idea in mind the next time we’re without power and the kids are driving me nuts.

    While we were out riding the four-wheelers tonight, we noticed some big storm clouds off to the south and west, so I’m trying to get in as much ‘net time as I can before I have to shut down, unplug and (ack) spend time with my spouse. 😛

  2. Sounds like you even managed to get a little workout with all the trips from the car to the house….inventive AND productive. Nice.

  3. Diva: When I’m ready to leave this world, I will be sitting in the middle of the soccer field blogging away, wearing my my metal jock strap.
    Loading kids in the car? Skip it. You get in the car and lock the doors.