Boomer Bruno Willis Still a Stud

Apparently boomer Bruce Willis still has “it.” As we left the theater last night a young boy behind us was offering his opinion of the movie, when an older woman he was with asked if he liked it. His responded, “well you wanted to see it.”

I turned around and said to her “busted.” She was thirtyish and said, “I just wanted to see if a 52 year old Bruce Willis still has it, and he does.”

Bruno Willis is cool. He may look like a regular, bald, worn out boomer in person, but on Letterman and in Live Hard, Die Longer or whatever the movie title is, he looks pretty good, and I like his self deprecating sense of humor.

I’d hang with Bruno if he asked.

UPDATE: Reviewer calls Bruno “balder and badder” 

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Boomer Bruno Willis Still a Stud — 2 Comments

  1. I’d hang with Harrison Ford, Tom Hanks, and especially Steve Martin, but you can have Bruce.