Boomers Remember When a Million Bucks was Something.

Lottery Millions
Lately the state run lottery has been advertising that a $15 million jackpot really is worth plunking down a dollar or two.  “It’s only $15 million,” the ditzy blond says as her friend buys a ticket.

But the news readers haven’t picked up that a million bucks isn’t what it used to be. They still “pop” the “b” in billions when reporting the cost of some government program or overrun or tax increase or quarterly profits of big corporations.  They are afraid that we poor ignorant masses might think Lehman Brothers investment bank or Exxon Mobil would report quarterly profits in the millions.
With the national debt over six trillion dollars, it’s time to stop popping the “b’s” and start popping the “tr’s.

Buy those lottery tickets, you could be a trillionaire.

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Boomers Remember When a Million Bucks was Something. — 5 Comments

  1. You know what they say! If ya don’t play, you can’t win! I don’t play. I realized long ago that this old gal ain’t lucky so I don’t donate. That might be um-American but I don’t care. Re: the feeding frenzy when the jackpot gets really big — isn’t 5 million enough? It’s a testimony to greed. I just buy one of those 2-dollar instant tickets every week — and sometimes I even win! Usually it’s only 2 bucks but I’ve won as much as $50 and I’m delighted! I’ve learned to take pleasure in small things. I don’t dream big anymore.

  2. Goodness, I still feel like a million bucks is something…I am so behind times. ;o)