Breakthrough Boomer Battle of the Bands

Even though they have a dorky picture on their website (see previous post) has a neat idea for a boomer band contest.  You don’t have to travel, just set up in your garage and rock out in front of your webcam and post it someplace. (details to come.)

Musicians and bands can enter the competition by submitting a music video to 55-Alive!  Competitors may also create an online band profile on 55-Alive! to develop a fan base and promote their music.   Music videos will then be featured on 55-Alive!, and the 55-Alive! community can rate the bands and discuss their music.

I guess they figure it will take a while for boomers to get their act together so they don’t have details on the upload. (So why have it on your main page and send out a press release?)

There are a couple of very good boomer bands in our town.  This could get interesting!

Of course it could be a total fiasco too. I’m predicting the latter. A site that sends out a press release that basically is trolling for sponsors really doesn’t have their act together.

On second thought, you might want to wait to record your performance of a lifetime.

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Breakthrough Boomer Battle of the Bands — 3 Comments

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  2. Hi Mark:

    Thanks for mentioning our Battle of the Boomer Bands contest – we appreciate it!

    Our idea is to have some fun, and give closet rock stars a place to showcase their talent. Maybe even develop a fan base.

    We certainly don’t anticipate that it will turn into a total fiasco, such as the stock picking contest that you noted where $1 million was at stake as a prize. On the other hand, maybe the contest will turn out to be a big break for an unknown musician – one never knows.


    Jeff Lantz
    CEO – 55-Alive! LLC

    We’ll also be happy to change the photograph mentioned.

  3. I think this could be a lot of fun and bring you some good traffic.
    Hopefully you can get some all female rocker bands.
    Thanks for changing the photo.