Bunch of Dads on a Boat and Not a Kid in sight

Some of the best kind of friends are the friends that own boats. Then you get to enjoy all the fun of being on the water without the expense or the hassle.

We spent Sunday with some friends that we know from golf. We all have grown kids and grandkids. The houseboat owners actually have kids and grandkids that live in the area. Word has it that when they found out that Father’s Day was going to be spent without them on the houseboat, there might have been some hurt feelings.

“But we just assumed.” Was the response. The Dad in his ongoing wisdom explained that assuming was not a good thing. Actually, I think he words were closer to, “talk to your Mother, she set the whole thing up.”

We did meet up with one daughter on a beach for a while, but they had their own pontoon, so they didn’t join us.

We were really roughing it.

For us, whose kids are too far away to visit for the day, it was a nice treat to hang with others and just tell lies.

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Bunch of Dads on a Boat and Not a Kid in sight — 2 Comments

  1. OMG – the never empty cooler and the munchies! I barely had room for the steak. The downer for the day was I only saw one bikini.