Flight Attendants Need To Have Different Outlook

Carole Adams is a Southwest flight attendant based out of Dallas.  She certainly has a different outlook toward new Mothers than most travelers.

My heroes are the mothers traveling alone–often with several preschool children in tow.  They can multitask like none other.  I’ve seen a mom with one child in a backpack; the baby on one hip (mom folded the stroller before anyone could help), and the older child pulling a child-size suitcase.  She will have a minimum of four varying sized bags hanging from shoulder to wrist!  “How best can I help you?” I ask as I start to move toward the family.  “It’s okay, I’ve got it!”  she says with a smile.

But the way she treated a sailor revealed her inner goodness:

Has it been a long time since you’ve hugged a woman?” I asked.  He replied, “Yes, ma’am!”  I told him, “Come here and hug this woman!”

I’m a Southwest Airlines fan, and have been for a long time.  I enjoy their cheap fares to be sure, but I enjoy their customer service even more.

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