Friday Five – Favorite Refrigerator Magnets

  • Non calor sed umor est qui nobis incommodat
  • Las Vegas: it’s only a gambling problem if you’re losing
  • Smoke: Because no one should infringe upon your right to cough up black phlegm
  • SUV’s: Screwing with the environment, but in style
  • Hip Hop: Just like real music but with profoundly stupid lyrics.
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Friday Five – Favorite Refrigerator Magnets — 4 Comments

  1. Those are great…I especially love the Vegas one. I have a huge collection of refrig magnets…and still going. These are worthy of their place of honor.

  2. When we moved, I put all the refrigerator magnets together, and they still haven’t shown up – 3 years later. Have you seen the stores that are just “refrigerator” magnets? Amazing.