How Fraud Detection Saved Me

The Chase Visa Fraud Department saved me from buying these cards to give to people.

The cartoonist is in Europe and when I tried to enter my credit card number it was refused. Realizing that if a computer refuses to do something once, doing the same thing four times might make a difference, I kept trying. Finally, I quit.

Within minutes the Chase fraud-boy was on the horn. He said there had been some unusual activity on my card and they would like to check it. After assuring him the card was in my possession, we reviewed the last six purchases – including the attempts to buy something overseas.

Once convinced that it really was me trying to buy these cards (I wonder if he knew which card?) He said he would remove the security hold and I could make my purchase.

I never did.

I love the fraud division at Chase. I wonder if they could launch a “Stupid Purchase” division.

UPDATE:  About a week later, I decided that I really did WANT these cards, so I placed the order. Fraud-boy calls again. I couldn’t get thru to him that supposedly they had already removed the fraud protection for this order.

I suspect I will now be charged twice for the same order, or get two orders.

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How Fraud Detection Saved Me — 3 Comments

  1. @ Mushy: great idea! I’d buy one.
    @Sucess: Heh, after I wrote that I realize I have one: my wife!